Friday, February 26, 2010

Feeling Good About The World

I'm feeling pretty good about the world tonight and this young man, Jason Klamm, is why. He has been working with the Cosmosphere's Education Staff to redo a camp area used for one of the elementary camps, Lunar Base, we offer each year. It is his Eagle Scout Project.

He raised the money for the project and created these various "pods" connected with tunnels to outfit the room. Previously they were using tents. Jason's dad helped him build, his mom helped with the sewing, and some of the other boys from his troop helped set it all up today. I was so incredibly impressed with Jason and the other boys from his troop.

You can see the whole story in the Hutchinson News on Monday, so I won't begin to tell it here. But suffice it to say that spending a couple of hours with Jason and friends today left me feeling pretty good about the world and its future.

Okay, yes, I know, I'm easily swayed, but this was impressive. And he's impressive. Tom mentioned today, and I concurred, we'll all be voting for Jason Klamm one day.

Otherwise my day was a very busy one - I didn't even have time to go to lunch. It was a real pity because it was a beautiful, gorgeous day so I hated it that I never got to leave the building until after 5 and by the time an appointment was over it was 7 and dark before I got home so I missed the sunshine.

But, it's nice to go to bed feeling good about the state of the world. At least one little tiny, Eagle-Scout-to-be part of it.

Bonus question of the day - courtesy of Tom:
On the side of the lunar base pod Jason is standing in front of, what is the crescent shape?

Did you say the Moon?

Me too.

But it's a lunar base, so that's the Earth.

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