Friday, March 19, 2010

Art and Music and Snow

I spent a little time in the studio tonight. That wasn't exactly what I had planned to do, but it seemed the best option because it's snowing here. Yes. Snowing. On my freshly bloomed daffodils. I doubt they will approve.

This morning I went to work with a long sleeved shirt and no coat. I didn't leave the building until about 5:30 and it was a shock to my system when I walked out into the cold wind.

Greg and I went to The W downtown for dinner, and were treated to music by Jon Dennis. Jon is an amazing guitarist.

At some point during dinner, Greg peeked out a window and noticed it was snowing. As it continued at a significant rate, we decided we'd best take off. I went to Sharon's to help her with a computer issue and then home, where I anticipate I may be staying most of the weekend. Fortunately, I have everything I need to hole up in my house and amuse myself.

Being able to amuse oneself is a terrific life skill. Thank goodness I learned it at a young age.

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