Thursday, March 18, 2010


I've lived in Kansas more years than Kentucky, where I spent my first couple of decades. But it's still Kentucky that I consider home. I own a house in Kansas, but Kentucky is "home." Kansas is where I live, but if someone asks me where I'm from, I answer, "Kentucky." I will always be a southern girl. Always.

Rebecca Ryan asked the question of our group last year - "What do you long to come home to?" I've been thinking about that ever since and I still don't have an answer. Or, maybe I do have an answer, and it's just too inconvenient to accept, so I'm unwilling to give it voice. Regardless, I'm still pondering that question.

Maybe "home" is always where we spend our formative years because we understand they impact our entire lives, shape who we are at our cores, and influence every decision we make long after those years are over. Perhaps designating that place, that space, as "home" is our way of giving due to how critical those years are.

Regardless of the reason, I know Kentucky will always be "home," regardless of where I live.

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