Sunday, March 14, 2010

Pi Day Pie

This is my pi day pie. It's coconut. Just like Mama made. Well, at least it's her recipe. I can't say it tastes the same.

Happy Pi Day... it comes around every year on 3.14... make a note for next year!


Barbara said...

Well....this is just cruel and unusual punishment! My mouth is watering...looks delicious!

Patsy Terrell said...

Thanks, Barbara... It was tasty. I ate a piece that day, and one the next day but realized it was going to spoil. Pies with meringe don't last long - and I don't even like meringe - but it's so pretty. Anyway, I took the rest of it to a gathering last night and it was appreciated. One of the women said it was the best coconut pie she had ever eaten, which flattered me to no end! I felt a little weird taking "leftovers" but was glad I did since it was enjoyed by the group. I've been baking again tonight for Coffee at the Cosmo Thursday morning at 9. It's free. Come have some of my coffee cake! :)