Tuesday, March 09, 2010

Prepared for Anything

I was in Wichita today delivering camp brochures to schools. This was my fourth day doing it, and I've got one more day to go. But I'll be able to finish later this week.

I've decided a great way to learn any city is to visit all the schools. I've seen parts of Wichita I didn't even know existed. In the process I've found homes I'd like to live in, neighborhoods I'll enjoy driving again, and details I probably never would have noticed.

Today I turned a corner going to a school and was struck by this assemblage of flower pots on a porch. I stopped to take a photo because it felt so much like spring. Tonight when I looked at the photos I noticed they had a snow shovel on the other side of the door. I guess they're hedging their bets. Maybe it's the porch equivelent of "knocking on wood." No need to tempt fate or Mother Nature.

I had lunch with Martha today, which was very nice. The other days I've been eating something really quickly, and one day waited until after three when I couldn't deliver anymore to have lunch, but today I took time to visit with Martha and it was great. Whenever I have a conversation with her I leave with something to think about. I'm blessed to have a few friends who gift me with new thoughts on a regular basis, and she is one of them.

Today she mentioned that as people get older they start to realize time is not limitless, and choices have to be made about what they'll do with their time. Of course, for me, time has always felt in short supply - I've felt like it was scarce since I was a child. We were talking about this and I asked, "So do most people think time is unlimited?" She said, "I think so." Out of my mouth came something that made me laugh internally. I said, "That's not very logical."

The reason that made me laugh at myself is that "logical" is not one of the top 10 or 20 or 50 words I would guess someone would use to describe me. Yet, there it was, popping out of my mouth as if it were the most natural - dare I say "logical" - thing imagineable. That caused me to think about the other things I view in logical terms. There are some. I may have to make a list and see what the common thread is.

I came home a little earlier than usual tonight. I've been heading to Wichita early, so I could start delivering there around 8 a.m. and then staying on it until 4:30 or 5 when the last school closed before coming home. They've been some long days, and some definite effort involved, but this is very targeted marketing. Today I did the last school at 4:45, so I got home tonight in time to do a new piece of art.

I bought a 1942 magazine at the flea market Sunday and used some bits from it in this.

Tomorrow I'm in the office and will try to get caught up on some things. I have no doubt that new things have popped up while I've been on the road the last couple of days, and I already had a long list of things on my agenda. I guess I'd best get some sleep so I can be fresh in the morning.

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