Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Amy and Chocolate

This is Amy. Amy is a cook extraordinaire. Today she posted on Facebook her latest experiment in the kitchen - pots de creme.

Just seeing the photo reminded me of my long time desire to be one of Martha Stewart's friends that show up to eat for the television cameras. I'm starting to think Amy is our local equivelant. She needs a cooking show. And I need to be a regular guest showing up to eat the goodies.

Just as I got in the car to come home from work she texted inviting me over for "dessert before dinner." I'm never one to turn down dessert at any time. Conveniently, Amy's house is between my office and my house. Of course, I would have driven to a neighboring town, much less a few blocks.

It was delicious. Incredible. Melt in your mouth yumminess.

Thank you, Amy.

For those of you who are feeling like experimenting, Amy used this recipe.

And... for the record... I'm delighted to come over and provide a taste comparison for you. Just call me. Or text me. Or facebook me. Or email me. Or use smoke signals - whatever works - I'm there for you.


Anonymous said...

Hello Amy,

I'm speachless, well almost, except for a sound not unlike that last agonizing scream in the late Vincent Price movie 'The Pit and The Pendelum.'

(Sigh) My Femme Fatales, you sure know how to torture my taste buds.

Patsy Terrell said...

It was delish!

sigerson said...

So "facebook" is now a verb?

Patsy Terrell said...

Language is fluid and ever-changing.