Sunday, April 11, 2010

Don't Acquire More Demons

At lunch today Greg and I were talking about anniversaries, brought on by a discussion about the Cosmosphere's Apollo 13 celebration this coming weekend. I'm devoted to marking time, always taking note of the dates of events. Greg rarely does that.

As we were discussing our different approaches, Greg said he thought if you didn't remember a date something negative happened in your life, there was no point in trying to. "Don't acquire more demons," he said.

I was struck by the wisdom of that statement. It's brilliant. Simple, but brilliant. "Don't acquire more demons"

It made me think about how often we all "acquire more demons," and that it's sometimes a conscious decision. I am certainly guilty of this myself, although I note happy occasions as well as sad ones. I'm not sure it's a part of my personality I can change, but I will certainly question if I'm acquiring more demons the next time I mark a date.

After all, who among us needs more demons?


Susannah said...

Nice post and definitely something to remember - "Who needs more demons" such a very good point. . . thanks very much for that. :-)

Patsy Terrell said...

Greg is definitely on to something with that thought, I think.

sigerson said...

Here's a different take on the demons. I don't mind remembering the dates on which bad things happened -- as long as the demons are dead or neutured (or spayed if they're female demons). If I've made considerable progress in my life since the bad things happened, I can use the anniversaries to note how far I've come.

Patsy Terrell said...

Another valid viewpoint... always different ways to see something.