Friday, April 02, 2010

Topeka and Google

If you didn't happen to log onto Google today - is that even possible - you missed being greeted with "Topeka" instead of the usual Google logo.

Google, of course, is known for changing its logo to honor people, occasions or holidays. They're also known for their April 1 jokes. This was a fine one - an homage to Topeka changing its name to Google. Google repaid the favor.

I hope the people of Topeka understand just what a huge bonus they got today. Not only did the explanation talk about the city, but they are in the news all over the world. I googled late in the day - or would that be topeka'd late in the day - and found numerous references.

My hat is off to the mayor, or whoever had the foresight to change the name briefly. The "stunt," which I'm sure some in town looked down on, paid off in a way they could never have forseen. If they had paid for the exposure they got today it would have no doubt taken the city's yearly budget for decades into the future. I hope they're sending some Topeka treats - whatever that may be - to Google's corporate headquarters.

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