Monday, May 31, 2010

End of a Three Day Weekend

It's the end of a three day weekend and I still have much that needs to be done. I've gone practically nonstop since Friday night, but I've not accomplsihed as much as I had hoped I would. It seems a person really can only do so many things in any 24 hour time period, or in this case a 72 hour time period. There are limits, I suppose.

I did get all the tomatoes in the ground this weekend. Considering that I went from having two tomatoes a couple of weeks ago, to then having five when Greg gave me some extra Sun Gold plants, to then having 18 after my Saturday morning stop at the farmer's market, getting them "all" in the ground is good.

I'm also happy to report from the garden that I have little baby blackberries. I love, love, love blackberries and have tried a few times to get them to grow with no success. A couple of years ago I bought two more vines. One of them survived and has little blackberries forming. If birds start trying to eat them before I do we will have a big problem.

I did run to Wichita this afternoon to look at eyeglass frames. I need new glasses. Very badly. But I'm having a really hard time finding any frames I like. I want something cool and funky. I've always had great luck finding something I really liked before, but this time I can't seem to locate anything. I did find something I liked okay today, but I'm hoping for more than "okay." I'd like to find something I'm excited about. That might be asking for too much. I'm not sure how there can be a gazillion frames and they're all largely the same. Maybe I have a career ahead designing eyeglass frames.

If I had another three days I might be able to make some significant headway in my house. Maybe. But I don't, so there you go. How do people get everything done?

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