Monday, June 14, 2010

My Blackberry Crop

I've wanted them for years. Finally, I have them. Blackberries. Fresh. Growing in my backyard. Finally.

I have planted blackberry bushes more times than I can count. I would say "third time is a charm" but I think it has been more than that. In fact, when I planted this one I planted two and the other one died.

But, finally, I have them. And they're delicious.

I went to the backyard tonight after being gone last week and found ripe blackberries. Ironically, I bought some blackberries at the grocery today. Only to come home and find these.

It has been many years since I've had truly fresh, just picked blackberries. My mother would always pick them for me when I went home in the summer so I haven't had any that fresh since she died. A former boyfriend did bring me some a few years ago from a farm so they had been picked within a few hours. These were off the briar and into my tummy within 20 minutes. I had bought some cream at lunch today too - perfect timing.

I got probably three full cups off them, which is good for a first harvest. Considering the money I've sent on starts over the years, I calculate the cost per individual berry is probably about $1.81. Money well spent.

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