Saturday, July 03, 2010

How to Have a Successful Fourth of July Parade Float

The quickest, easiest way to have a Fourth of July parade float is to stick a cute kid and a flag on any driveable conveyance and proceed immediately to the start of parade route.

A bonus is that if your business is written on the door, you are automatically advertising it when eyes are drawn to the aforementioned cute kid and flag.

If you can find a kid, like this one, who offers an abashed smile, as if she's surprised you're taking her photo, all the while posing perfectly, it's all the better.

If you don't happen to have a cute kid handy, you have two other viable options.

Option one - a very large flag.

Option two - bright, colorful, child-like attire on an adult.

If you are a person with a legitimate, real cause, you can be serious and not have to carry big flags, dress like a clown or involve juveniles. See a fine example here by my friend, Trish Rose, who's running for judge.

But be aware that cute children and flags will abound. Of course, these happy smiles are generally only seen near the beginning of the parade route when feet are not so tired.

Happy Fourth of July!

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