Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Collecting Handwriting

Tomorrow night is Third Thursday and I've got this little set up in Gallery 7. I'm asking people to leave me some handwriting to use in future artwork.

If you're out and about, stop into Gallery 7 and leave me a note. It can be a favorite word, phrase or sentence, a motto you live by, a quote you love - anything you wish. You can sign your name or not.

I love handwriting and have decided I need to collect more of it. So, please stop by Gallery 7 and share something with me.

Or, feel free to mail me something if you can't stop by Gallery 7 Thursday night.

Speaking of artwork... I gave Mark a piece for his birthday.

He's visiting for a few days and had expressed interest in some art. I decided to just let him choose something he liked from my stash of finished work. He picked this one almost immediately.

I'm glad I let him choose because I probably wouldn't have picked this one for him. I think he likes it!

I love to make people happy.

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