Tuesday, September 21, 2010

State Fair Has Come and Gone

The Kansas State Fair has come and gone for another year. I took this photo one night in the food court. Doesn't that just say "State Fair?"

I had such an incredible time at two different shows this year. Greg, Mia, Jan and I went to see Terry Fator. I've wanted to see him since he won America's Got Talent. He was amazing.

took these photos of him.

Greg had gotten front row seats and it was unbelieveable.

I was so entralled I kept forgetting to take photos.

Although I did manage to get photos of a couple of his usual bits, including the Sonny and Cher and Michael Jackson ones.

He did a couple of songs on his own and joked that people were often surprised that he could sing.

That was Monday. The very next night Sharon, Greg, Mia and I went to see the Oak Ridge Boys, who were also wonderful.

For the last few months, since seeing Frank Warren of PostSecret, my standard comment whenever anyone has been to any entertainment event has been, "That's nice... I'm sorry it's not as cool as Frank Warren handing you a book." These were that cool, even though no one gave me a book.


jillivinilly said...

love everything about this post, but I especially like the pic of you watching the stage, smiling a beautiful smile!

Patsy Terrell said...

Thanks, Jill... it was a really fun couple of nights!