Saturday, December 04, 2010

Catching Up with Thanksgiving Photos

I never got around to posting photos from Thanksgiving, so thought I'd share.

Greg and Mia


Mia and me right before dinner

The day after Thanksgiving, after some shopping, Greg and I started getting out his mom's Christmas stuff. Miss Joy seemed excited. At least that's how I'm reading this photo.

Some holiday items require some setup.

Not to worry, we got the singing and dancing Santa fully functional. In plenty of time for Steve to see him as soon as he awoke. Did I mention that Steve doesn't care for Christmas?

So, it was ironic that he went with us later that weekend to see the Christmas lights in Carthage. They have a drive through light display with many Biblical scenes.

By late Friday, Miss Joy's house was decorated and she was putting the snow on the tree. I've never used snow - I'm an icicle girl - but I see the beauty of it.

It was a really, really nice Thanksgiving, and a wonderful kick off to the Christmas season.

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Judith said...

I'm so glad you had a really good time.