Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Pike's Peak Update

A few days ago I wrote on Facebook about wanting to attend the Pike's Peak Writer's Conference in Colorado Springs. I jokingly asked if someone wanted to underwrite my trip. My friend, Kate, jumped in encouraging people to contribute to sending me. A few folks have asked for an update of how it's going. Money has arrived every day since Kate's note, and I'm thinking it's going to happen, which excites me a great deal. Not there yet, but it's moving in the right direction.

The Pike's Peak Writer's Conference is one of the top ten writer's conferences in the nation, and in Colorado Springs, which isn't a huge distance from me. I've wanted to go for years, but it has never worked out. When I worked in radio it always conflicted with a fundraiser when I could never be gone. In my next job it always conflicted with a big event. Since I've been in this job I've been focused on paying off medical bills and just could not justify the expense.

I've only been to one writer's conference - The Tallgrass - and it has been amazing. I've been three times now. It's inspiring to be around other writers, and very educational to be with professionals who are making their livings writing. I have blogged about the Tallgrass Writing Workshop each time I've gone . Here's the one from the first year I went in 2008. Fortunately, it's very reasonably priced and close by.

Although I write every day here, as well as do other writing daily, I'm still learning about fiction writing. I've completed one book, and another one is 85% done. The first one is not very good. The one I'm working on now is much, much better - it's this one I've focused my energies on in the last few years. I have been stalled for awhile - due to a variety of things. But as I got materials on the Pike's Peak Conference this year, it seemed like just the thing to push me over the finish line on this book. All of that was in the back of my mind when I put that flippant note on Facebook the other day.

But my friend, Kate, saw the post and asked how much it would take. I responded about $1,000 and she jumped in saying if everyone chipped in it would work. Kate, in case you're wondering, works for a foundation. It seems fund raising is a good job for her to be in.

Well, in no time at all a few contributions had arrived, and a few more were promised, including one from Kate's mom - who I've never even met - who added a benefit by decorating her envelope with the above message. I'm so touched by people's willingness to participate in my dreams. Thank you, everyone.

If you want to invest in this project with a dollar or two, that's fabulous. If all you can afford right now are good wishes, that's great, too. 

The mailing address is:
Patsy Terrell
906 E Ave A
Hutchinson KS 67501

paypal is patsyterrell@gmail.com - the button below will take you there

I'm humbled by the generosity of folks - friends I know and friends I haven't yet met. Thank you, everyone.

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Anonymous said...

Hi, did anyone mention that you could apply for a scholarship to conference? You would still need to do fundraising for travel and accommodation but every penny less helps, right? Hope to see you there.