Thursday, January 20, 2011

The Universe Provides

You know that idea that you need to put what you want out into the universe and the universe responds. Well, I'm watching it happen before my own eyes...

This afternoon I put a status update on Facebook saying:
"I'd like to attend the Pikes Peak Writer's Conference. Anyone feeling inspired to be my benefactor? It never hurts to ask, I suppose..."

It was a somewhat typical Facebook post for me - what I was thinking about and somewhat flippant - and I went on to other projects, not giving it much thought.

Last night I was figuring out how much it would cost to go to this conference, always listed as one of the top ten in the nation. I've wanted to go for years. At lunch I was talking about it and thinking about it, but that was as far as it went.

About an hour after I posted, my friend, Kate, asked how much it would cost. Having just figured it up, I knew it would be about $1,000 for registration, hotel and travel. Kate, who works for a foundation, said she thought people would chip in to send me. Within a few minutes her mom and another friend had offered and $50 was on the table. A couple of hours later another friend chimed in.

I deferred to Kate's judgement and she created a note explaining the situation, giving people my paypal and address, and telling people how to contribute to the cause of sending me to the Pike's Peak Writer's Conference.

Here's what it says:

Help Patsy get to the Pike's Peak Writer's Conference

by Kate Van Cantfort on Wednesday, January 19, 2011 at 9:30pm.

So earlier this evening my friend Patsy posted a little status wishing she could one day attend the Pike's Peak Writer's Conference. On a whim I chimed in wondering what it would take for her friends to chip in and help her get there. I was willing to give her the $5 in my pocket. Before Patsy could respond a couple of friends jumped in and we had $50 raised before she knew it.

So, it will take $1000 to get Patsy to this writer's conference. That's $10 apiece for 100 people - a little less like my $5 will take a few more people and a little more like the $20 from Mary and from my mom and it will take a few less folks.

My mom doesn't even know Patsy but she had a great status post about how Mom thinks writing is an art we are losing and thinks it's important to support writers. Way to go, Mom!

So take a few minutes, drop a little contribution to Patsy and let's see if we can get this done in the next few days. I will work with Patsy to post updates everyday.

If you want to send a check, here's the pertinent info:
Patsy Terrell
906 E Ave A
Hutchinson KS 67501-3007

or paypal is


This is going to be interesting. And I'm further convinced I have the best, innovative friends! If you have a dollar or two to spare, that's great. If you don't, your good wishes are more than enough!

1/20/2011 @ 1:47 p.m.
$65.53 in paypal from five people - no time yet for checks to have arrived since we're not 24 hours in yet --- THANKS... off to a good start!

1/21/2011 @ 10:19 p.m.
$95.53 total now - from a couple of people - one pay pal and one check... Thanks!

1/24/2011 @11:13 p.m.
$145.53 total now

1/25/2011 @10:34 p.m.
$205.53 total now

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