Monday, February 07, 2011

Bill Rancic Speaks in Hutchinson Kansas

Bill Rancic spoke at tonight's annual Chamber Dinner in Hutchinson. He was the first winner of Donald Trump's Apprentice show.

He was very entertaining. He said he thinks the real distinction about entrepreneurs is, "Having the ability to recognize an opportunity and, more importantly, to seize that opportunity." He said lots of people see them, but most people don't act on them.

Looking back, he said he thinks there were three reasons he won the first season of Apprentice.
1. Practical execution - he delivered results
2. Agility - always be willing to change the game plan and adjust as nneded
3. Risk - taking risks but managing risks - sometimes micro-managing risk

He talked about how we're born with only two fears - the fear of falling and the fear of loud noises. All other fears are learned.

The fundamentals of business don't change, he said, at the Trump level or any any other level.

He identified three traits entrepreneurs share:
1. They're decision makers.
2. They're creative.
2. They never quit and they never make excuses.

He also identified three traits to avoid:
1. Being reactive instead of proactive - never anticipating customer's problem
2. Surrounding yourself with negative people.
3. Potential is our best God-given asset and most under-utilized - many never tap into their potential.

He referenced an evangelist who refers to cemeteries as the wealthiest places on Earth. There are dreams not realized, books not written, businesses that never happened and relationships that will never be.

His final note to us is one he says he likes to end on - "Tough times don't last, but tough people do."

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