Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Pink Hippo - I love him

I picked up this little jewel a few years ago. For one dollar. Yes, that's right - $1. It's okay, I understand your jealousy - it's only natural.

I love him.

I mean I really, really, really love him.

He has been sitting on top of my piano, just looking adorable, for quite awhile. The other day I was moved him to where he's more visible.

Why do I love him?

What do you mean?

How can you not?

He's pink. He has glittery bits. He has rhinestones.

What, I ask, is not to love?

Nothing. Absolutely nothing.

I realize people think I'm a little nuts in my penchant for pink and glittery things. I do not dispute this is odd, but it just is. I have some pink vases I like, too, some of which also have glittery parts.

I even have a pink lamp with gold glittery wheat in the basement that hasn't ever made an appearance in my house. It needs to be rewired. I think it will be a very nice addition. I paid 99 cents for it at a thrift store in Wichita. Matthew was with me at the time. He was somewhat puzzled by my attraction to it, declaring it "distinctive," but not as confused as my then-boyfriend who was horrified when I asked him to rewire it. He didn't. It still needs to be done. But I digress.

It would seem I have developed an attraction to pink, glittery things. I do not try to explain these things. I just accept then.

And back to the topic at hand, who wouldn't love a pink hippo? Even without the rhinestones and sparkly, glittery bits. But this little guy has it all. Brilliant!


Anonymous said...

Yes, I agree she is a delicious dish! She has such luscious eyelashes. You can call him a he if you want to but I'm more inclined to say she's a she. These things can get complicated. That's why I named my ladybug Franscis, just in case there was any confusion, which there hasn't been, so far.

Patsy Terrell said...

A brilliant naming idea!