Friday, March 04, 2011

Talking about the Hutchinson Social Media Club on the KWBW Morning Show

Earlier this week I was invited onto a local morning show to talk about the Social Media Club's (HutchSMC) Roundtable Discussion Monday night. This is a free presentation at 5:30 - everyone is welcome. The panelists will be talking about how to get involved with social media and how people are using it in their businesses and lives.

The HutchSMC has been going since late June last year. It was something I wanted to exist. I kept trying to get other people to start it, but couldn't convince anyone. So, finally I decided I was going to have to be involved in getting it off the ground.

So, I invited a few folks and I feel so fortunate that some people were willing to come together to make it happen and keep it going.. We've been gathering about once a month to meet face to face and about once a quarter doing some sort of community event. We did a training last July, then Third Thursday Twitter in the fall, and on Monday we'll be doing a Roundtable Discussion.

This is free to the public, so I hope we have a good turnout. Andrea Springer, Jordan Walker and Lori Mulch will be the panel - so we'll have someone who works with non-profits, a corporation and the Kansas State Fair - should be a great mix.

Thanks to KWBW's John Brennan for the invitation. If you can, join us Monday, March 7, at 5:30 p.m. at the library. It's free and I'm sure it's going to be interesting!

You can hear the interview at:
KWBW's website.

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