Monday, May 16, 2011

The Magic of Water

This was taken at a friend's house and it makes me think I want to live on a piece of land with some water running through it. He can easily walk down to this from the back of his house, and I'm starting to really appreciate that closeness of moving water.

I grew up with a creek nearby, but since I left home at 17 I haven't lived with water nearby. I think the time is coming when that will be more important - to be surrounded by some land - with moving water on it.

There's something magic about water. It washes us clean and strips away what is clinging to us - and maybe what we're clinging to. It can be terrifying and yet calming.

I am a person of rivers and maybe one never leaves that behind. Maybe if you're born to that it is always with you.

That said, given what my family has been living through with the flooding in Kentucky I think I want to have to walk "down" to the creek.

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