Sunday, June 26, 2011

Summer Fun

Sometimes the simplest of things can put a smile on your face. For some reason, today this was one of those things for me. I was cleaning out a drawer and ran across these. It was a little bit of unexpected fun all day.

It was miserably hot here today, and is supposed to be worse tomorrow. I anticipate I might spend the entire day inside. Otherwise I will be whining about the heat, and no one enjoys that - least of all, me.

I am so not a summer person. Other than sandals, I find little to recommend the entire season. Although I do love the fresh food and flowers. But, lets be honest, much of the fresh food comes along later in the season.

I have many projects I need to work on in the house, and tomorrow seems an ideal time to be doing that. I'm so thankful for air conditioning and power to run it. Oh my, I could never have been a Victorian lady - not even in today's clothing, much less the layers they had. No wonder they were always fainting.

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