Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Get Motivated Seminar in Wichita

Today I attended the Get Motivated Seminar. Speakers included Bill Cosby, Rudy Giuliani, Steve Forbes, Rick Belluzzo, Lou Holtz, Terry Bradshaw and Colin Powell. There were also some sales pitches mixed in for various products. The two of those speakers I heard were both good speakers, especially one of them, but I didn't buy any of the products.

They had 14,000 people come, apparently. It was a logistics nightmare. I didn't arrive as early as they suggested, but was able to find an aisle seat by going very far up in the arena. Tickets for that area were only $1.95 each. Obviously, you know you're going to be hearing some sales pitches at that price.

I wouldn't say it was motivating, but it was really interesting. It was way too loud at times, with lots of fake energy. They gave away door prizes - an iPad, a big screen TV and $10,000 cash - probably more at the end of the day.

However, it was part church and part political rally in addition to the other things. I'm not even sure how I would classify it otherwise. It was more church-y than I expected. That didn't bother me at all, but it's not the sort of thing I would consider appropriate for a workplace, unless you happen to know everyone you work with is Christian and a Conservative Republican. I expected some of that given the line up, but it was more than I anticipated. But, it's very cool to get to see all these people speak in person for less than $2. No question about that.

And, of course you're going to be subjected to some sales pitches. I heard two of the three and they were both good speakers. One of them I listened to the whole thing pretty intently because he was really funny. I didn't buy any of the products. There was no pressure to do that. If you wanted it, you went down to a table and got it. If you didn't want it, you stayed in your seat or took a break. No one was pressuring you.

Rick Belluzzo was really good and I enjoyed Lou Holtz a lot - more than I expected. Giuliani offered four things you should do - read, listen, write and think - and that was good. Otherwise, he talked about 9-11 - what else would he talk about - that seems to be his main topic. Bradshaw talked about football - what else would he talk about - but he was really funny. Colin Powell was great - and funny. All of them were good. I left before Bill Self spoke.

The day was arranged like this, as best I recall... in case you're planning to go. I didn't hear the last two.
Bob Harrison
Steve Forbes
Rick Belluzzo
Lou Holtz
Sales Pitch
then a break for people to sign up
Rudy Giuliani
lunch break
Colin Powell
sales pitch (he was really good)
Terry Bradshaw
Bill Cosby
sales pitch
Bill Self

I understand from the news reports they had some issues and some people didn't get into the arena because it was full. However, they did tell people to get there early and they had offsite parking opportunities. It seemed few people took advantage of those so that may have been why there was an issue. I don't know.

I would do it again if it were a different lineup. There are always going to be some glitches when you're dealing with that many people in one place.


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