Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Questions to Ask Yourself

What do you do to remind yourself of your humanity?

What are you willing to suffer for?

What will cause you suffering if you don't do it?

I ran across these notes to myself recently. Although it was written some time ago, they're still valid questions. I'm not sure I have the answers yet, but they are worthy things to consider.

One thing I know falls into all of those categories for me is travel and experiencing other cultures very different than my own. Obviously, "suffer" might be a strong word, but travel does require some sacrifices of various sorts unless one has unlimited budget and time. When I can't travel for some reason it does feel as though I'm being "punished" in some way.

Certainly travel reminds me of humanity - my own and other's - particularly when connected with something I feel a deep connection to, like ancient Egypt. This fragment from the Book of the Dead is on display in Wichita. I bought a membership to the Museum of World Treasures just so I can stop in casually and visit the Egyptian collection. It's not as amazing as walking in the halls of the Egyptian Museum in Cairo, but it's much easier to get to. And it does give me a sense of connection I can't get so easily otherwise.


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