Saturday, July 09, 2011

What Kind of Person...

The phrase, "What kind of person..." is oft heard with regard to wrongdoing - real or perceived.
"What kind of person would put their kids through that..."
"What kind of person would do such a thing..."
"What kind of person acts like that..."

I always have to fight to not say, "A person just like you or me." No one wants to hear that.

We believe ourselves incapable of the heinous acts we witness others perpetrate on themselves, their loved ones or society as a whole. We are certain we would never do such a thing. We are better than that.

In reality, I'm afraid we're not. And as often as we have said, "What kind of person...", it's likely someone has been directing the same question our way.

People act the way they do because they have demons we don't understand and couldn't handle. If we had any inkling of what other people are fighting just to maintain some sense of normalcy on a daily basis, we'd be blown away, and so would our disdain.

It would seem all of us are capable of the best and the worst human beings have to offer. We just have to hope we're never in a situation where the worst of human nature lurking inside us is tapped, and that the best of us is more abundant.


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