Monday, August 08, 2011

Artwork Going to New Home

This piece of artwork is going to a new home. I'm not sure who's home yet. I'm donating it to the Horizons Child Advocacy Center's auction.

It has some cool things in it - including one of my favorite things I've ever done - this bright orange. It's freezer paper dyed with fabric dye. Through all the studio play I've figured out how to get the different coloration in it, which I love.

This red, orange and blue is acrylic on a recycled postcard. The white is not paint, but an intentional bit left blank. There are three places of that on this piece. I love to use different thicknesses of paper to add to the texture and this is thicker than everything else on this piece.

I love, love, love this purple. It's wax paper I've dyed with color designed for making soap. The different tones are from various methods of studio play. Some of them are dependent on the particular water we have in Hutchinson. Sometimes I have to go get water from someone who doesn't have a water softener to get the effect.

I hope whoever takes it home enjoys it!


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