Thursday, November 17, 2011

Stealing Pens

My credit union has these pens in the tube everytime you go through the drive thru. They're so good about it that if you absentmindedly keep the one you use to sign checks when making a deposit, when you send the tube in, and your receipt comes back, there will be another pen in it.

I suspect they are encouraging us to take them and use them and spread their name! It seems I willingly oblige. And I'm not the only one.

Tonight at dinner, I noticed the pen left with the receipt for signature was a Hutchinson Credit Union one. I am curious how many of them they go through in a week, month or year. Obviously, I have absconded with quite a few myself. And, I confess, these are not all of their pens I possess.

The bonus of the whole thing - they're really good pens. Rarely do I use pens that write with black ink, but I do think of these as my "work horse" pens that are tucked into the laptop case, the car, etc. I've had accounts there for so long - and been taking their pens - that I have different styles. There's something disturbing about that but I can't put my finger on it and I'm not going to try too hard.

Thank you, Hutchinson Credit Union. If you really didn't mean for me to take them with me, you need to tell me. And I'll try to stop. Really, I'll try.
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