Friday, December 30, 2011

Lessons Learned and the New Year Looming Large

The New Year is looming large and I confess I've not devoted enough time to thinking about the previous 12 months and looking ahead to the next 12.

I do not make resolutions. They are generally set aside in a very short amount of time, and only leave the feeling of failure lingering in their wakes. No, thank you. Life comes with enough things to worry over and feel bad about. I'm not going to willingly create more. I find the whole custom of resolutions to be folly.

However, I do spend some time each year thinking about the lessons of the year past, and how I'd like things to look in the coming year.

The year of 2011 will certainly go down in my personal history books as the year I learned some lessons. To be more accurate, I had lessons I'd already learned, but ignored, reinforced. I shan't ignore them again. (And, really, how often do you get to use the word, "shan't?")

1. When your gut tells you that you can't trust someone, you know you really can't. Proceed with caution. (I did, and it worked out okay for me, but it was a lesson repeated nonetheless. I should pay attention.)
2. Loyalty is a scarce commodity. (I already knew this one, too. It's just hard for me to fathom because I am a fiercely loyal person. But, so noted, I got it!)
3. Some people will lie to you when the truth would suit better. (Mama always said this, and I've witnessed it in action multiple times this year. People who should, do not keep their Facebook feeds private. Blissfully, I've not been a victim of this - only a witness. But it is worthy of notice.)
4. Your true friends will support you in whatever hare-brained idea you may have that has a chance, but they will reel you back before you get too close to the edge if it's really just nuts. (Thank you. I know it's a fine line to walk with me sometimes!)
5. When you know what you want, it's a lot easier to get it than when you're unsure. (Being clear remains a struggle for me, but it is a necessity.)
6. The universe is incredibly generous to those who work hard.
7. I am a very, very, very lucky girl in many different ways. (I already knew this, too, but it has been reinforced repeatedly. I am grateful for the goodness in my life.)

I think that's enough of a list to start with. It needs to be refined and rethought and reconsidered. Something perhaps best done tomorrow, as this year comes to an end.

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