Saturday, January 28, 2012

Craig Ferguson and Ted Alexandro in Wichita Kansas at the Orpheum Theatre

We went to see Craig Ferguson in Wichita tonight at the Orpheum Theatre. He was wonderful, as you might guess. I watch him every night and just adore him. There were four of us - Greg, Mia, me and Pam - and we were lucky enough to be in the front row, so had a great view.

The show started with Craig making an announcement while the stage was dark. He commented on Orpheus (you know he's well-read if you're a fan), and made a few remarks, and then introduced Ted Alexandro. You may have seen him on the show before. He did a short set and was really funny.

Then Craig did his set and had us all laughing pretty much constantly.

We had waited outside beforehand, hoping to get a photo with him for my blog, and also for Ace Jackalope's blog. That was not to be.

But we had also made a banner and as he finished his set, we unrolled it so he could see it. He looked at it just as he was leaving the stage. I took this last night in my living room.

In a minute or so he came back out and said, "I had to come back to see what your sign said."

He asked what a Jackalope was and then invited Mia, who was holding the jackalope, up on stage to take a photo. He visited with her a couple of minutes, hugged her and posed with Ace Jackalope.

Like me, Mia is a major fan, so I'm very happy for her. It's sooooo cool she got a photo with him. So very cool!

All in all a great night of fun at The Orpheum. They have some amazing shows coming up, including BB King and Los Lobos. I wish I could just go to everything!
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