Thursday, February 16, 2012

Cats, Creative Sisterhood and Considerations

I've been busy the last few days - sometimes with fun stuff, which was great.

Last night my friend, Martha, invited me to join her at the Cats performance in our beautiful restored theatre, the Fox. Martha was instrumental in restoring it and I always enjoy being there with her. She was very generous in inviting me to go along. It was a really, really wonderful evening. I am so fortunate to have such amazing friends who do such fascinating things - like restore historic theatres!

Tonight was Creative Sisterhood. It was a truly incredible evening. I often comment that I want meaning in my world. I got a big dose of that tonight. I'm so thankful for these women. They add to my life in ways that will never be fully measured.

For tonight I made a chocolate cake, with an orange flavored frosting. It was quite tasty. It was a new recipe and it's close to "the" chocolate cake. I haven't yet found that recipe - the one that is the perfect chocolate cake. I'm still on the hunt. This one was close. But, alas, the hunt continues.

Otherwise, I'm involved in some serious thought processes these days. I have been a bit absent here because I'm spending more time with pen and paper. It seems I have a certain amount of writing oomph in me on a daily basis. Sometimes I use it all up on projects, sometimes on the blog, sometimes with pen and paper. I am on Facebook every day, so feel free to connect with me there, too!

But when I'm puzzling over things, I have to go to pen and paper and that's what I've been doing lately. I shall be back here, though! This has become my comfortable place to visit with people, talk about what's on my mind, and generally engage. I'm just in a spot at the moment where I'm trying to figure out "what's next."

I'm wondering if everyone is that way. I sometimes get eager for "the next big wonderful thing." It seems I need to be getting myself ready for it - whatever it is!

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Elizabeth said...

I want a slice of that cake! It looks wonderful. I'm making lemon cupcakes this afternoon and I'm hoping they'll inspire me to get writing. It does seem to me too that I have a certain amount of "writing oomph" in me on a daily basis although I'm hoping I didn't use it all up earlier today with my paid writing.

Patsy Terrell said...

I'm glad to know it's not just me who has a limited amount of writing oomph each day! :)