Thursday, February 09, 2012

Faith, Prayer and Belief

I read "90 Minutes in Heaven" earlier this year. I know, it has been around for awhile and I'm probably the last person to get around to reading it. It was written by a man, Don Piper, who died in a car accident and came back to life 90 minutes later. It is a book about religious faith and the power of prayer. It was a book that was available to me when I was traveling, it's a quick read, and interesting.

There are people in my world who are atheists and agnostics, as well as people of many different faiths. I rarely discuss my religious beliefs. It has nothing to do with being ashamed of them. It has to do with it being private.

It would be shocking to most people in my world how traditional my belief system is. It would also be shocking to people who view me as a Godless-heathen because I do not agree with the political positions their churches tell them are correct. My belief system includes ideas that are not part of the protestant faith I grew up practicing. In my mind and soul, these things live harmoniously, and don't require explanation.

That's always the thing about faith, I suppose: Those that have it don't need any explanation; Those who don't have it can never be satisfied with any amount of proof.

I am very much of the "live and let live" mindset. I never want to be held up as an example to anyone of any particular faith tradition, which is one reason I do not associate with a particular group. I think there are many paths to the divine, and it is not my place to judge someone else's.
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