Saturday, February 11, 2012


I spent this Saturday making some of my usual Saturday stops. There are three businesses in town that I consider real jewels, and I hit all of them today. Lunch at Roy's Barbecue, then a trip through one of my favorite thrift stores, and wrapping up with a visit to Smith's Market. Smith's has a great selection of fresh fruit and vegetables, and also some cool gifts. Unfortunately, there were no cool thrift finds today. Oh well... there's a flea market tomorrow - perhaps I'll find something wonderful there.

Otherwise I did some chores around the house. So many things I need to do, but at least I did a couple of them. I don't think of myself as lazy at all, but I certainly don't get much housework done. Perhaps I'm lazy about that.

Tonight I did take care of a house chore I've been putting off, and replaced the hose on the hand held shower in the downstairs bathroom. I'm always a bit nervous about starting something like that. But, all went well. It is reassembled and works - without leaks.

Lately I've been spending more and more time on pinterest and one of the things I'm discovering about myself is that I am more drawn to tea, and beautiful things for the home, than almost any other category of photos. It's ironic that I don't keep my own house perfect, given my penchant for those sorts of scenes. I'm not sure what that all means, but it seems important to examine.

The other day I was with a friend and showed her a pretty table set for tea. I said, "You know, that's where I live all the time." She said, "Yes, I know you do. I don't. But I know you do." But in my mind, my expectations, my fantasies about life - that's where I'm at. It seems so simplistic - that a person should want more out of life. But, associated with those things are the connections made with other people and the conversation. If I could just have a beautiful tea experience every few days, and all that goes with it in my mind, it would be amazing.

In the national news today, we learned that singer Whitney Houston was found dead this afternoon. It's very sad. She had an amazing voice, but has struggled with drug abuse. We don't know that's what killed her, but it's what people are speculating. She's a prime example of being affected by those around you. An important lesson for us all to remember.

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