Saturday, May 05, 2012

Happy Cinco de Mayo

Hutchinson, where I live, has a big Cinco de Mayo celebration. Part of today's celebration included a contest of chihuahuas in costumes. I have no idea what this has to do with Cinco de Mayo, but since this holiday is largely an American creation, I'll just roll with it. It's fun, so that's enough.

Amazingly enough, this doggie dressed as a fairy - please note the pink toenails - did not win. I didn't even get photos of the winners. There was such a crowd I couldn't get close enough for photos.

Another thing I learned today, "Lil' bit" is apparently a common name for this breed of dog. The above doggie, as well as another one in the contest, shared that name. Of course, this is completely unscientific, but in this sample of fewer than 20 dogs, two of them had that name. Statistically this seems significant.

I've decided it is enough fun to have dogs dressed up that this should be the norm. Of course, I'm not a dog owner, and therefore wouldn't have to purchase and maintain a doggie wardrobe. Nonetheless, it seems it would add a fun element to daily life.

Think of the themes... holiday clothing, everyday clothing, Sunday best... the possibilities are nearly endless.

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