Wednesday, May 02, 2012

Man Seeks God by Eric Weiner

Tonight was our book club discussion of "Man Seeks God," by Eric Weiner. You may recognize his name from NPR. He was a correspondent for years.

I loved his previous book, "Geography of Bliss." He has such an amazing way of using language.

This book is also wonderful - so well-written you just want to keep reading long after you've finished. He's funny, which is ironic, because his battle with depression is a secondary character in all his work.

In this book he travels to different places to explore various religions after he ends up in the ER and a nurse asks him, "Have you found your God." His ER visit turned out to be a "brush with gas," instead of a heart issue. Nonetheless, that question sent him on a journey spanning continents to find his God.

He explores a multitude of faiths, and devotes a chapter to each. I found something interesting about each. I love to see into other people's brains.
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