Monday, May 07, 2012

Use Me

This admonition to "Use Me" can be read multiple ways. Stitched on a tea towel, I assume it was designed to be a clever kitchen adornment. But, I think it has far deeper meaning. It says, "Use Me," in bright multi-colored thread, and yet the only stains on it are from storage, not use. Why do we deny ourselves the pleasure of enjoying things like this?

We save china until it gets chipped in storage, set back stationery until it yellows with age, and miss the chance to use things like this to brighten our daily lives. At the flea market yesterday I saw a tablecloth and napkins with the tag still on them - never used, but ruined simply by long term storage.

This tea towel represents creativity and hard work. Someone went to the trouble to conceive of it, design it and stitch it. Then folded it carefully and stored it away, without ever using it.

I bought it at the MCC Sale a few weeks ago. It has been washed and now it will be used. I'm not certain if I'll use it in the kitchen or elsewhere, but it will be used.

To not use things deprives them of their purpose. I'm sure that is not the right order of the universe. It also limits us. We don't enjoy them, then discover that while we've been saving them, they've been ruined.

Fortunately, this still has some life in it. And I will enjoy living with it.

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