Wednesday, May 30, 2012

We Know

One of the books I keep close at hand is Thomas Moore's, "Care of the Soul." When I feel a bit lost or confused sometimes I pick it up and flip to one of the many flagged passages.

I did that recently and turned to something I didn't have highlighted, but that was just what I needed to see. It said, "The soul has no room in which to present itself if we continually fill all the gaps with bogus activities."

It seems life is filled with many bogus activities. I try to be in the moment and appreciate every breath I'm allowed, but it's a bit more difficult when shopping for toilet paper than when standing in a beautiful forest.

We often find so many reasons to not do the very things our soul is crying out for. But we know. At our core, we know what we need. We always know.

We know when we should end a relationship or start a new life or pick up a book. We just ignore that voice that whispers to us, more insistently all the time. The universe keeps providing us with clues - from conversations, events, and even books. Eventually we have no choice but to heed the demands. And we stop filling our time with bogus activities. and let the soul present itself.

Then we think... I needed this.

We always know.

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