Friday, June 15, 2012


I love this bit of glass because I think it so beautifully illustrates Tiffany's secret of getting such rich tones in his glass. You can see it clearly here. Tiffany used layers to create a variety of  hues. That, combined with other techniques, makes Tiffany glass distinctive.

What is not more interesting with layers? In some ways this seems a metaphor for life.

We layer our clothes. We eat layer cake. And we appreciate people who have layers to their personalities. Admittedly, we may not like having to excavate all those layers when trying to figure someone out, but one-dimensional people aren't very interesting.

Of course, if we could peel away the various layers in this glass, I'm certain it would still be beautiful. That may not always be true with people. But, that's part of what being human is about - we are complex - we have good in us and we have not-so-good in us. Hopefully all blended together it evens out into something amazing, something beautiful.

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