Tuesday, July 03, 2012

Brainstorming for Art

In the last few days, my friend, Jocelyn, and I have spent some hours discussing these twigs. They're from a redbud tree and we're both quite taken with the stark white of the core compared to the darker bark.

We've talked about various ways they could be incorporated into art projects, probably for far longer than most people could stand to discuss twigs. We both found it inspiring to just be able to brainstorm in our own laid-back way. It certainly wasn't "corporate" brainstorming. It was more of a natural flow of, "oh, and you could do this, or turn it that way, or give it a twist, or put it on a different background."

Jocelyn is a very gifted artist, and generous with her talent. I'm glad to call her a friend. She teaches me.

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