Monday, July 25, 2005

Moving, Moving, Moving

I've been moving things around upstairs most of the day. Greg came over and helped me with some of the heavier stuff tonight. I'm sure now I can fit everything into the studio and bathroom, although I do still have to empty the two closets and there's always more in them than you think.

I cannot use my studio now. It is full of furniture and I can't get to any of my art supplies. This will be a test for me. I did keep out my watercolors and some very basic things to play with but I won't have much time for it anyway.

The trick will be that when the floors are done that I'll have to be careful to not scratch them so it will be a much harder proposition to get everything moved back into where it belongs. Hard to believe that four rooms of furniture can fit into one room, although it is stacked in places.

Tomorrow will be a very busy day and I have an early appointment so I'd best get to bed.

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