Tuesday, July 26, 2005

Productive Day

I got a ton of things done today - movers are arranged for Friday, which was a big thing to get accomplished on the home front. The guy came and painted in the stairwell today but the drywall guy's helper, who was supposed to bring stuff over for him to use, never showed up - at least not while I was here - and he never called.

Tonight Jesse and Terry came over and helped move a bunch of things to the basement and that was such a huge help. I packed glassware while they were doing that so a significant amount of the glassware off the north wall of the dining room is moved.

I also set up a couple of appointments for Wednesday that are important ones - not the least of which is the United Way video shoot. In addition, the upholstery person is coming on Wednesday morning to look at the couch and chair I want to get redone.

I did take time for lunch with Debbie B. today. I called her on the spur of the moment and just caught her. I had planned to have lunch with Trish but it didn't work out. I need a break and some fun in my days to keep going when I've got big projects going.

I had my second coaching session this afternoon. It's good to have someone else's perspective on your life. I'm enjoying this. Well, that's not really true, "enjoy" isn't quite right. We've moved right to the touch issues so that's not fun, but it's productive. And, how can one expect to grow if you don't go through the ugly parts. This is just an ugly part.

I'm feeling OK about the state of things, but have to keep very busy over the next few days or I will not be able to accomplish what I need to do. Tomorrow night I have Altrusa so I won't be able to do anything then so I think I need to do another hour or so worth of things yet tonight. It's a good thing I don't need a lot of sleep!

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