Thursday, September 15, 2005

Life is Weird

Today I went to ship my ex boyfriend's things back to him. There are some incidentals and then some really important things. I just haven't wanted to face doing it but decided to just go ahead and get it done. So, I get to the shipping place, and discover that something that was in the box has spilled out onto some of his clothes. So, I brought them home to wash them again. For some reason, I guess I wasn't supposed to send them back yet.

I never really stop loving someone, once I fall in love. When I'm forced to, I change the way I love them, but I never stop. It's a curse in many ways.

I love as much on day 1445 as I did on day 223. I don't experience that drifting away. Love, for me, only grows in a relationship - it does not diminish. I guess I'm odd in this way since that's not how it's "supposed" to work.

I didn't want this to end, but there were two of us in it and I was the only one who felt that way. So, there you go...

Nothing to do but the laundry, I guess.

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