Thursday, September 15, 2005


The question was: What are you proud of having taught yourself to do?

One of the greatest skills I have, that I had the foundation for, but have honed myself on, is I can make conversation. That sounds stupid, but incredibly few people can sit down at a table with seven people they don't know and have actual conversation.

I have started to dread going to events because as I told my friend, Trish, "I'm always the floor show." Some days I just don't feel like being that "up" and want to just take someone else's lead. And, sometimes I run into someone I know and just enjoy visiting with them, but in general I am the conversation starter.

I sit down, extend my hand to the person next to me and say, "Hi, I'm Patsy Terrell..." I then go around the table and ask everyone's name. Then, I try to engage people in a conversation. I always wonder if I didn't sit down if they would just sit there the whole meal not talking to anyone except the person they came with.

Another thing I taught myself to do, that I'm very proud of, is swim. I'm terrified of the water and decided that everyone should face at least one fear. So, I learned to swim. I'm not an exceptional swimmer by any means, but I can move myself through the water. And everytime I do it, I have to convince myself to put my face in the water all over again. It's not a natural thing for me at all.


Jenny said...

In the small town I live in the art of conversation is alive and dancing up a storm in our downtown. In the (big) city people sometimes look at you funny if your kid says "hi" to them. (For god sakes, she's been raised in Mayberry and she hasn't learned how to be cynical yet.) So I say Brava to you for (gasp!) having conversations out in your community.

Patsy Terrell said...

This isn't a big city - about 50,000 - small enough that I know someone most places I go to. I think kids benefit from a Mayberry-esque raising. I grew up on a farm and I'm forever grateful.