Sunday, January 08, 2006

Busy Sunday

It has been a busy day. But, here at 10 p.m. I'm completely packed, I did laundry, I rearranged some computer files, have gotten some things in the mail that needed to go out, and even had time for dinner with friends.

Diana called yesterday and asked if I wanted to go to dinner. It was Jocelyn, Teresa, Andrea, Diana and me. It was fun. I haven't actually seen Jocelyn in forever. She has been working retail for awhile now and needless to say the Christmas season was busy. I have really missed her.

I also tried to put together some of the bookshelves for the library upstairs today. I've written to them for further instruction because "push" is not sufficient. No matter how hard I push, the things to not go in. I've also tried hammering and that has proved unsuccessful as well. "Push" is a bit too vague for me, I'm afraid.

I'm hoping I have some time to write at the hotel. I have some things I'm turning over in my brain and I really need time to write about them. I'm taking a couple of journals - in anticipation that I will have time to work on them.

I am also starting to think about where I want to go in May. At this point Savannah seems like a good option. I have a travel voucher I have to use before July, so I want to make use of that. We'll see how things look as time gets closer. If I could find a cheap lodging option there that would probably be the answer.

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