Saturday, January 07, 2006

Working Outside in January

It was 73 degrees today. In January. In Kansas. Last year at this time we were buried under one of the worst ice storms ever. I was blessed to have power during the whole thing but didn't leave my house for three days.

I took advantage of the weather to do some outdoor things. I moved a cabinet out of the shed to the backyard and washed it off. I'm going to put it in the basement to hold the gallons of paint and such. I had them stored in the closet in the dining room that I ripped out.

I also watered the lawn more. It's still not even what I would call "moist" and I've had water running on it for hours now.

I talked to both neighbors today. I'm sorry to say that Alex and Nicole are moving soon. They have four little boys under 9 in a two bedroom house. Obviously, they need more space, but I'm really sorry to see them go. They're great neighbors. And their boys are so sweet. Justin and Tyler, the two older ones, always talk to me if I'm outside when they are. I'll miss them. Hopefully I'll get new neighbors that are great.

Well, I'm headed upstairs to work for awhile before going to bed. I have a couple of Christmas presents I want to wrap. Yes, that's right, Christmas presents for 2006.

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