Saturday, February 18, 2006

I'm watching yet another story about how insurance companies are refusing to pay for losses as a result of Katrina and Rita. What in the hell? Storm surge my ass.

Yeah, there was a storm surge. Yeah, it did a lot of damage. It also washed away some of the evidence of what the 120 plus MPH winds did before then. Do they really think we're all stupid enough to believe that 100 MPH winds did NO damage and all of that is from the flooding?

We all pay our insurance premiums, assuming we're "covered." I have State Farm and I have always been very pleased with them personally. But, the horror stories I'm hearing out of the Gulf Coast with a variety of companies are terrible. As if people have not suffered enough, there is this indignity to add to it. Pay the damned claims. Charge each of us an extra few dollars next year to make up for it if you have to, but pay the damned claims. Because it's what we're all banking on when we pay our premiums - that you'll pay the claims. And next time it could be me or my neighbor, or my brother or his neighbor, and the people who've rebuilt on the gulf coast by then will pay an extra couple of dollars so our claims can be paid.

Don't be assholes about it. You're spending enough time and energy to get out of paying it, it would just be cheaper to pay the claims.

And don't think we're too stupid to figure out that it's been a very long time since we've heard of an insurance company going out of business. We know you're being tight asses to line your pockets, not to protect your other customers. And, hey, just like you always tell us to buy more "just in case," this time you got caught holding the bag - you were betting on not having a disaster this big - you lost this time. Pay the damned claims.

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