Sunday, February 19, 2006


I had planned to take down my Christmas tree today but that didn't happen. I didn't even leave my bedroom until 1:30. Yes, in the afternoon. I lounged and slept and lounged some more. It's really unlike me but it was so very cozy under the electric blanket. The last time I looked at the temperature last night it was 3.8 degrees.

Jocelyn was doing massages today. She wanted to practice for the class she's taking. So, I went down to Diana's to be a willing participant. Her granddaughter, Lauren, was there. I also got to see Lily for a little bit. She was there with Taylor and Tom. Austin and Amy came in after a bit and so I got to see them too.

Lily had wallowed her ponytail out and was having a bad hair day.

Taylor managed to tame it, but had to do it on the run.

Of course, then she was looking just as adorable as could be.

I don't think Lauren stopped for a second. She played with Tom until they left, then Amy and then Austin.

I call this "gymnast Austin." Lauren just looked puzzled. He couldn't get her to try it.

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