Friday, June 30, 2006

Life Stuff Continued

I've had a productive day today. I got up early and did some planting before it got hot, and started working on the house. I got quite a bit done, but my house is still a mess. It's going to take far more than one day of work to get it anywhere near organized. But I did make some progress.

Greg and I had made plans to go to Roy's for lunch. I went on Saturday but he hadn't been for awhile. It's good stuff. I like to make it out there at least once a week.

We are so fortunate to have it right in town. Of course, it ruins other barbecue. I have finally learned to not order barbecue unless it's a place that is really known for its barbecue. And then I'm generally disappointed anyway. As I'm fond of telling Ann, "If I can't have Roy's, I'll do without." There is another barbecue place in town, and they stay open later, but they're a pale imitation of what real barbecue is. Maybe if you don't have Roy's you don't know the difference, but I do.

I was also able to get the car in for an oil change and to get the lock switch replaced. It was driving me nuts having to lean across to lock and unlock the doors. I ordered the part and picked it up yesterday but they put it in for me. I took them some baked goodies I had, too. I'll have to remember that's a good place to take things when I'm in the mood to bake. Now that I have no coworkers I don't have anywhere to take stuff.

Susan had called for dinner last night but I didn't get the message until later so I emailed her telling her that. She emailed back and asked about lunch so I invited her to join Greg and me. It was a really fun time.

Peggy called inviting me to go with her and Gary to Wichita to see Al Gore's movie tonight, but it was Creative Sisterhood group tonight so I couldn't go. I'll have to call and get a report.

It was good I was hosting Creative Sisterhood because it encouraged me work on the house a bit more than I might have otherwise. It's just so overwhelming it's hard to get motivated. But, like everything, it gets done a tiny bit at a time. I made brownies and they were yummy, if I do say so myself. I love that recipe - so quick and easy.

Tomorrow I have some errands for work and then I need to run over to Wichita to get my phone checked out. I've been losing lots of calls and it's going to digital roam all the time and generally just acting wonky. I haven't had it a year yet so want to get it checked out before the warranty is up. I no longer have much faith in cell phone technology lasting - I never even bothered to input all the numbers I had stored in my last phone, or set up all the speed dial. I guess I've come to accept I won't have any cell phone for an extended period of time. I'm not very hard on them, but their longevity is minimal it seems.

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