Friday, June 30, 2006

Wichita Trip

I went to Wichita today. I needed to get my phone checked out. Of course, it "passed" the inspection. My guess is the second it's out of warranty it will fail the test. My next thing is to call customer service. I'll pass. That just results in me spending a lot of time on the phone and being really annoyed when I'm done and nothing has been taken care of.

I did some shopping and running around. My big purchase of the day is this toe ring for $4.99. Frankly, that's kind of expensive for a toe ring, but I really liked it so I now own it.

I had a few more things I needed to do but it was so freaking miserable walking around in parking lots that I decided to come home after a half dozen stops. It was over 100 today and I felt every degree of it.

At lunch I was reading Freakonomics, the book I'm currently engrossed in. It's really fascinating. The server asked what I was reading and we got into a great discussion about the book, which he had read. I brought half my food home and I noticed just a few minutes ago when I put it in the fridge that he wrote his phone number on the top while he was boxing it up. I guess that's less of a risk than saying something to me. But, for heaven's sake, he just finished his first year of college. He can't be but 19 or 20.

He was cute in that "I'm kinda nerdy, but very smart" way. And goodness knows, smart is always sexy. But I think someone less than half my age is, indeed, too young - even for a summer diversion. Pity.

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