Wednesday, August 02, 2006

Bugs and Blooms

I have been very suspicious that the little guy here, and his friends, are the reasons my morning glories have very large holes in the leaves. I figured I had enough plants I could share, so I haven't sprayed for grasshoppers or any other "pest."

This afternoon when I came in from the office it was starting to cool off a bit so I pulled some weeds and in the process discovered this grasshopper and also a little caterpillar, and then another caterpillar. Maybe I've been too quick to blame the grasshoppers.

It was so windy I couldn't get a good pic of the caterpillar. His little fuzzies were blowing in the wind. Someone I'm just guessing he's not just hanging out, but may also be consuming some of my plants.

Of course, I still have no blooms on the morning glories - but lots of leaves - so I'm not sure it matters. I went and looked at last year's blog entries and it seems I was blathering on then about not having blooms so I'll just be optimistic it will yet happen.

This afternoon I also discovered that shamrocks bloom - I had no idea.

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