Thursday, August 03, 2006

It's a Good Thing I Love Computers

We had a bit of rain last night and I'm thankful. It cooled things off a bit and that was a welcome change.

I had volunteers today to do the newsletter. It's on its way - thank goodness. I spent most of the day on the phone with various tech support people. In the last 24 hours I have done the following computer related things:
1. replaced the network card in my work desktop
2. Called D-link for further instructions - this, thankfully, was someone who could actually help me
3. Call to Cox where, as usual, they tell me they don't have to do anything for the box to recognize the adapter. But, as always happens in these cases, it begins working while I'm talking to them, without me doing anything. They're magic.
4. Had my printer suddenly decide that all the print menus should be in Japanese. Unfortunately, I don't speak - or read - Japanese. Had it been French or Spanish I could have muddled through, but an entirely different language, I couldn't work with that.
5. Call to tech support for Brother - LOVE THEM, LOVE THEM, LOVE THEM.
6. Call to D-Link for further instructions on wireless setup, which stopped working two days ago, but was too low of a priority to deal with yet. I now know the D-Link support number if that's any indication of how much I've spoken with them in the last few months. Today I spent over an hour on the phone with a girl in India who, not only does not have much of a command of the English language, but apparently also has a bad headset. After all of this, the answer is that the router needs an update. I just went through the update bit a few weeks ago. Oops, there's a new update. Lucky me. Of course, one can't download it through a router that doesn't work, so it's a multi stage process. I left the office with that still not working. Maybe tomorrow.
7. Replaced the keyboard that suddenly stopped working.
8. Replaced the mouse that couldn't go on without the keyboard.
9. Decided it's a good thing I really love computers or I would have chucked this one out onto Main Street about 2:15 this afternoon.

I decided yesterday I wanted to rearrange my office so everything in my office is torn apart, too. Sometimes I wonder what I'm thinking. Or if I am.

Well, I think I need to get to bed a bit early tonight - at least for me. Obviously, I will need all my brain cells firing tomorrow.

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