Saturday, August 19, 2006

The Groom Wore Tennis Shoes

Today was Austin and Amy's wedding day. Austin is Diana's son, and has been a delight to know since I first met him. He has a great sense of humor, as evidenced by the lime green tennis shoes he was wearing today, which perfectly matched his tie.

Amy chose green and blue as her colors and it really turned out pretty. She was truly a radiant bride.

They were married at St. Teresa's church in Hutchinson, which is a gorgeous facility.

They both said their vows without tears as far as I could tell. I think they'll be a happy couple.

They did something I thought was neat. Instead of having the ushers come and lead everyone out, Austin and Amy came back into the church and took time to hug everyone and exchange a few words with them as they left the pews. It was a nice touch.

It's especially a good idea for people who are having their photos taken after the wedding and before the reception. It gives the bride and groom a moment with everyone, without a receiving line. And if someone doesn't go to the reception or leaves before pix are done they got a chance to say hello to them.

They had bubbles for everyone as they left the church.

Everyone was invited to a reception at another location, which was a tiki/luau theme. I've never been to a wedding reception with that theme, but it was really neat. It lends itself to some beautiful touches. They had leis for everyone at the front door, so we are all colorful in the photos.

The table decorations were neat and included shells and lots of other touches that went with the theme.

At the reception, Amy's uncle sang "Mr. Bojangles" because Amy's mom said when Amy was a kid she would come home from spending the night with her cousins and say she wanted her Uncle Jim to sing "Mr. Bojangles" at her wedding. So, he did. Well, at the reception.

Lily was the flower girl, and was really enjoying herself at the reception. Grandma said she was bouncing off the walls from the four marshmallows she had let her have, and goodness knows how many she'd had that others had let her eat.

She sported pink cowboy boots during her walk down the aisle. She was none too happy at the prospect of sitting still once her part was over, however. Rebecca, who was taking care of her during the wedding, had to take her out.

Taylor and Sarah (left) did a nice toast involving a letter Austin had written to Santa when he was a kid.

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